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Four weeks ago my life changed forever, in so many ways… On 7 July 2015 I could finally bring home my daughter – the baby girl who was my reason for starting Bright Owl Paper Goods.

My very talented friend, Lizelle Lötter, had said that she’d like to come with to capture the day and I’m so, so thankful that worked out! She’d just come back from overseas and had no other shoots booked for that specific day. I’m looking forward to showing my girl these photos and telling her all the little stories of the day…

Because she was in the Cape, my mum, sisters and niece could come with to get her. It’s pretty common to have to fly elsewhere in the country to fetch your child and I’d mentally prepared myself for flights, rental cars and overnight stays in hotels. It was a huge answer to prayer that bringing her homecoming was logistically so easy!

We were early (of course) and the wait was nerve wracking, but my niece did her best to keep me entertained!

This is one of my favourite photos of the day – these two are going to keep us on our toes!


Photos | Lizelle Lötter Photography